Ankle Pain
Ankle Pain

San Antonio Ankle Pain

Most people have experienced a sprained ankle. It’s a common scenario: you take one wrong step, maybe tripping over something or thinking there is one more step than there is in a flight of stairs. Suddenly, it is impossible to put any weight in your ankle. Sprained ankles are an acute injury. While they are very painful, they are also relatively easy to treat and tend to heal back to 100% within a few weeks without intervention.

However, long-term and ongoing ankle pain can cause lasting problems.

Ankle Pain

What Causes Ankle Pain?

Long-term ankle pain can be caused by an acute injury that does not heal properly. It can also be caused by ongoing strain, such as by walking in a way that does not properly support your ankles. The ankle joint consists of three bones rather than two, and if all three are not acting in harmony, it can lead to pain and injury. Arthritis can also lead to ankle pain.

If you avoid putting any weight on your ankle or plan your activities around limiting ankle strain, you probably need help managing your long-term ankle pain. You should not be stuck sitting at home while your friends and family explore the world around you.

Dealing with Ankle Pain in San Antonio

You do not have to deal with ankle pain for the rest of your life. In fact, it is entirely possible to heal ankle pain. There are many ways to treat ankle pain. For example, physical therapy can make a big difference in healing ankle pain and retraining your body to walk in a supportive way.

However, no matter what kind of treatment you go through for your ankle pain, you need to continue to pay attention to supporting your ankles for the long term. That means that you need to wear shoes that are supportive and use insoles to keep your ankle aligned. Good insoles can help all of your bones stay in place in a way that will prevent your ankle from twisting. They can reduce your pain and help you keep your ankles healthy.


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