Foot Pain

Foot Pain

San Antonio Foot Pain

Your feet are the foundation of your body. They keep you rooted to the ground, hold up the weight of the rest of your body, and support your skeleton. They are vital to your overall well-being, yet many people ignore them until they are in significant pain.

Foot Pain

What Causes Foot Pain?

Foot pain can be caused by many different things. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, perhaps walking around your workplace or standing on a hard surface, that can damage the feet. You may have flat feet or plantar fasciitis or even be overweight – the extra pounds can increase strain on the feet and pain. Foot pain can also be caused by injury or even be due to something in your foot’s structure that you were born with.

Foot pain can make it difficult to live your everyday life. It can make it hard to walk around the neighborhood, much less go for a hike or enjoy a distant city on vacation. It can make it impossible to participate in sports, dance, or go for a run. If you consider yourself an active person, foot pain can stop you from doing most of the activities that you enjoy.

Dealing with Foot Pain in San Antonio

If you are experiencing foot pain, you are probably naturally trying to reduce strain on your feet. You may try putting the weight on your other foot or relaxing more than you typically would. This is a good instinct, but it won’t solve your problems in the long term. To reduce ongoing foot pain, you need to provide your foot with the support that it needs to easily support the rest of your body.

Insoles can help retrain your foot to the correct position. When your foot is positioned correctly, it helps the rest of your body align in a way that reduces strain on your joints and muscles. This may mean arch supports to prevent the feet from rotating outwards. You may also need cushioning on the heels. Insoles can help support your feet and reduce the pain that you are experiencing.

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