Knee Pain

Knee Pain

San Antonio Knee Pain

Most people know how important our knees are. They make it possible for us to walk, run, sit, and more. We use them all day, every day. When they are in pain, it can significantly reduce our quality of life.

Knee Pain

What Causes Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by many different things. It might be a result of overuse, such as by athletes, or caused by a sudden injury. It may also be caused by a condition such as arthritis. The cause of the knee pain will determine the right way to treat the pain in the long term.

Most people have experienced knee pain. It often also includes swelling and stiffness.

Most of the time, knee pain cannot be treated without considering the rest of the body. Knees support a lot of your weight and help you keep your balance. To keep your knees healthy, you need to make sure that your posture is healthy and that the other joints and muscles in the body are aligned well.

Dealing with Knee Pain in San Antonio

Knee pain can feel impossible to escape, but that is not the case. It can be treated in the short term with rest, elevation, ice, and heat. If you are very rarely in pain and have suffered an acute injury, this may be enough to heal your knee pain. In other cases, adding in some strengthening exercises may be enough to give your knees the muscular support that they need to work correctly.

However, most people will find that they need longer-term solutions to knee pain. Some are surprised to learn knee pain can begin in the feet. If your feet are not properly supporting your body, the strain can spread to your knees in a way that they are not designed to handle. Incorrect posture can force your knees into odd angles that result in long-term strain.

That’s why insoles can make a big difference for knee pain. They help your feet remain in correct alignment, so that your legs’ muscles are properly engaged, and your skeleton stays straight in a way that reduces strain on your knees.

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